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ARRL President Calls All Amateurs to Action!

Your ARRL Central Division Contacts:

"ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN is calling all Radio Amateurs to action!"

During the ARRL National Convention held on July 17-19, ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN asked all Amateur Radio operators to participate in a "grassroots initiative" to urge our legislators to not only sup-port, but to co-sponsor HR 4969.

House Resolution HR 4969 would allow PRB One to be enforced. If passed, this bill would allow Radio Amateurs to erect reasonable towers and antennas over any CC&R restrictions. According to the ARRL website, " At present PRB-1 only applies to state and municipal land-use ordinances, and the FCC has indicated that it will not act to provide the same legal protections from private land-use agreements — often called covenants, conditions, and restrictions or CC&Rs — without direction from Congress." This bill will help Amateur Radio operators, but first it needs to get out of committee and on to the floor for congressional debate. That’s where we must come in to help determine our future for not only us, but for future generations.

I wrote a brief Email and sent it our congressman and our two state federal senators. I urge you to please do the same. If you wish, please feel free to use my Email . The important thing is to just do it and to Email your legislators. YOU CAN AND YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Hello ……….,

As an active Amateur (Ham) Radio Operator I am well aware that my hobby allows me to be an United States Ambassador of goodwill to fellow Amateur Radio operators around the world. More importantly, I am also aware that I can provide communications in times of emergency such as Hurricane Katrina. In fact, emergency preparedness is one of the FCC justifications for the Amateur Radio Service. To-wards that goal, antennas are a vital tool for providing effective communications.

That is precisely why I am asking you to support HR 4969, "The Amateur Radio Parity Act" and to be a cosponsor of the bill which has bipartisan

support. The passage of this act will enable ham radio operators living in subdivisions to erect reasonable antennas; thereby, allowing them to pro-vide more effective communications.

If you or anyone on your staff needs further information, please do not hesitate to con-tact me. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and again I urge you to cosponsor and support HR 4969.

Thank you very much.

Email our Legislators: The URL’s are hyperlinked. All you have to do is click on them and it will take you there for your email!

IL Congressional District 13:

Representative Rodney Davis (R - 13) 202-225-2371 202-226-0791

Senator Dick Durbin (D- IL) 202-224-2152 202-228-0400

Senator Mark Kirk (R- IL) 202-224-2854 202-228-4611

Field Day Update, OVARC vs. Macoupin County ARC
Only a handful of Macoupin County ARC members made it out to Field Day, but most of the club is anxious to hear the outcome of the Okaw Valley ARC Field Day Challenge. Both clubs have sent their logs to the ARRL and sometime in August the League will publish the 2014 Field Day points and that will become the official finding.

The "losing" club president will be presenting a travelling trophy to the "winning" club president at a club meeting. We are all anxiously awaiting the results! In the meanwhile, here are some tantalizing tidbits taken from the K9MCE log and the July issue of the OVARC newsletter.

Okaw Valley ARC made:

CW: 117 QSOs

Digi: 14 QSOs

Phone: 523 QSOs

Total = 654 QSOs.


K9MCE made:

CW: 262 QSOs

Digi: 0 QSOs

Phone: 286 QSOs

Total = 548 QSOs

So, OVARC beat us in total number of QSOs by 106 QSOs. However, phone Qs count for 1 pt each; whereas, CW and Digi count for 2 pts each. So total number of points results in OVARC with 785 QSO points and K9MCE with 810 QSO points. A difference of only 25 points!

But wait, don’t celebrate yet.

There are still the bonus points to be counted and we didn’t earn all the points that we could have such as a satellite QSO, elected official visiting and NTS message. OVARC may just still win. We will find out later in August!

ARRL at 100: A Century Of Ham Radio

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