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NorthMac Middle School Now QRV 40m -70cm!  
The NorthMac Middle School Com-Tech club owes Skip Riba, WS9V and J&J Electric Motor Repair Shop, Inc of Springfield, IL a tremendous debt of gratitude for donating parts, equipment and labor in installing a HyGain 14 AVQ HF vertical and Cushcraft AR270 dual-band vertical antennas, obtained through an ARRL Education grant, outside of Debbie Ochu’s KC9ULA’s classroom.

NorthMac School District elected not to put the antennas on the roof; instead, the antennas are located near the HVAC fans just outside of KC9ULA’s classroom anchored to the chainlink fence. Two, 100 foot lengths of LMR 400 coax were routed from the antennas, through the existing HVAC service entrance into the boiler room and then feed back along an existing pipe into KC9ULA’s classroom. The coax enters her classroom along the south wall and the school club station is located there. There is no noise level observed and the AR 270 is working very well on VHF and UHF.

The 14 AVQ covers 10-40 meters and it needs to be tuned to lower the SWR. Both antennas are grounded and are protected with poly phasers. Skip, WS9V did a very professional job of installing the antennas and routing the coax into the building and ultimately into KC9ULA’s classroom.

Future Com-Tech club plans include learning the ins and outs of operating the Yaesu FT 890 all mode transceiver (purchased with an ARRL Edu-cation grant) and participating in the upcoming School Club Round Up in February.

In January, Com-Tech club members will learn how to read a code practice oscillator schematic, identify component parts, use a multi meter, solder and put together their very own oscillator that can not only be used for practicing CW, but it can serve as a signal injector as well, which is a useful piece of test bench gear!

Again, THANK YOU to Skip Riba, WS9V for making this all

HR 4969 to be reintroduced next month in Congress
The 113th United States Congress ended its legislative session in 2014 and House Resolution ended up getting over 70 co-sponsors, but the resolution did not make it out of committee. However, there were over 70 co-sponsors that came on board in a very short time due to a grass roots effort by the ARRL and its membership.

Rep. Kinzinger, Adam [R-IL-16] of the House - Energy and Commerce committees plans to re-introduce the resolution this January for the 2 year term of the 114th United States Congress. The resolution no longer will be HR 4969, but it will receive a new number when it is reintroduced. The seventy co-sponsors are expected to co-sign again and this time amateur radio operators will have addi-tional time to make their voices heard!

HR 4969 also known as the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014 can be found at:

Our work is still ahead of us. We need to contact our Congressman Rodney Davis and urge him to co-sponsor the Amateur Radio Parity Act when it is resubmitted next year!

New Ham Operators
It's my pleasure to let you know that K9MCE's Technician class and sponsorship of North Mac Middle School's Com-Tech class was a huge success.  It took a couple of tries, but the ham radio community now has six newly licensed radio amateurs!  They passed their FCC Element 2 exam on Saturday November 15th and their calls were posted on the FCC website on Tuesday, November 18th1
Debbie and I are proud to introduce these new hams:
Jake, KD9CLK (he was licensed about two weeks earlier)
Kaleb, KD9CNY
Hank, KD9CNZ
Roman, KD9COA
Truman, KD9COB
Tommy, KD9COD
These young men span 5th through 8th grades.  Please welcome them to ham radio.

A few of these youngsters have HTs and the rest will have their HTs by next week.  They are already "radio" active! 

I bet you've noticed a big increase in activity on Skip's repeater; especially, in the afternoons and early evening after school hours!  Debbie and I have taught them proper radio protocol, but theory is one thing and putting it to practice is another.  Please be patient with them and please, please welcome them to our hobby.

Now that they are licensed, the real work of encouraging them and nurturing their interest is ahead for all of us!  It stands to reason that Skip's repeater is the major attraction (wasn't a repeater a big deal for all of us when we first licensed?), but rest assured that over the next few weeks, Debbie and I will also be extolling the virtues of simplex communications.

 Their enthusiasm and young age makes them fun.  When's the last time that you've heard so much enthusiasm about and on ham radio?  The magic of making a two-way contact is not lost with these young men! 
With proper guidance and nurturing from all of us, I wonder what doors and career paths will be opened for this group of youngsters! 
Jim, N9LQF, Mark, WD9HBF and John, W9KXQ are wonderful ham radio ambassadors for youth.  They, like Debbie and I, believe that modeling is one of the best teaching tools available and youngsters learn quickly with good role modeling.  Trust me that these youngsters care about learning, but sometimes their enthusiasm borders (heck, who am I kidding, it exceeds) exuberance.
Please be patient when some of them when they state, "I am turning off the radio," and then less than a minute later only to key up the repeater and say, "This is KD9XXX monitoring."  It won't be long before they become "seasoned" hams.  In the meantime, they love to erect antennas and to string out coax and I am so looking forward to Field Day set-up with this crew!
Again, thank you for your patience and your indulgence as we continue to introduce the wonder and splendor of Amateur Radio to a new set of hams!
73 es GL,
Ron, KO0Z and Debbie, KC9ULA

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