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2015 Field Day Event

Field Day is the weekend of June 27 and 28th. Once again Okaw Valley ARC, AD9OV has challenged the Macoupin County ARC to compete for the traveling trophy. Last year, you may recall, K9MCE barely lost the competition! What will this year bring? Plans call for the club to operate 3 HF stations and one GOTA (Get On The Air) station at Boy Scout Camp Bunn just north of Hettick, IL. However, at the May meeting, club treasurer and IL Assistant ARES Manager, Jim PItchford, K9LQF announced that the IL State EMA communications building on Rogers Street in Springfield may be available for club use over Field Day. ILEMA is interested in seeing the generators being used over the weekend and the communications facilities (Elecraft K3 transceivers and NIVS antennas) being used, but final approval as of newsletter press time was still pending. At the May meeting, the club decided to table any decision regarding Field Day location to the June meeting. The June meeting is just around the corner and there are a number of items to consider each with their pros and cons.

- Both Camp Bunn and IL EMA are a little drive away from Carlinville, IL.

- At Camp Bunn we could use the club call sign, K9MCE; whereas, at the EMA we would have to use the call sign, NC9IL.

- At Camp Bunn we would operate 3A; however, at IL EMA we would be 3F.

- IL EMA offers an air-conditioned building with equipment already set-up; however, there would be a learning curve associated with using this equipment in a small room. IL EMA also has an electronic security gate for admission which needs to be manned.

- Camp Bunn requires equipment set-up and last year, a few club members did a lot of the work for the entire club.

- A lot of talk, but little, organized planning has gone into preparing for this yearís club Field Day effort.

- A list of what is needed and who is bringing it is still in the works as of press time.

- Plans were being made to sponsor a GOTA station, but nothing has actually materialized.

- Itís not too late to make this a great Field Day event, but this effort needs to be a club effort and not the work of only a few individuals


Below is directions of how to get to the MCARC Field Day Event, 2015.
If you need more directions go to the ARRL website and click on the Field Day Locator.

From the south:
Take I-55 North
Take Toronto Road Exit
At end of ramp go right
At next light go left on South 6th Street Road
Go Right on Southwind Road

As you approach the business park take the first left and that will run you into the facility on your right which is surrounded by tall fence. The building is blue in color.

Please bring at covered dish to pass for our Potluck at 5:00 PM.

Remember our challenge is to get more points than The Okaw Valley Club. We need everyone's cooperation and dedication to pull off this challenge.

Let's all work together and show your support for our club! And remember we will be in AIR CONDITIONING, with very nice facilities! All we do is show up and operate!

See you then, June 27th, 1:00 PM through June 28th, 1:00 PM.

MCARC Home Brew Contest!

This is it! This is the month for the first annual Macoupin Coun-ty ARC Home Brew Contest! Bring your homebrew antenna, radio, amp, kit or accessory/gadget to the meeting for show-n-tell. Itís not too late to put the final touches to an existing project or even to start a new one! The more the better! Even, if time doesnít allow you to finish your project, bring it along any-way and let your fellow members know what you are up to on your workbench! Any club member is eligible to participate. There are four categories: Antennas, Radios/Amps, Kits and Miscellaneous gadgets. Prizes will be awarded! All projects entered will be featured in the July issue of the newsletter! Hereís YOUR chance for fame and fortune. Well, not fortune maybe, but some fame and the eternal admiration of fellow club members! Check out the flyer else-where in this issue of the news-letter.

HR 1301 AREA UPDATE-Your Voice Counts
The Amateur Radio Parity Act, HR 1301 is gaining momentum and support on Capitol Hill. However, Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis has not yet co-sponsored the bill. In an email dated 19 May to Ron Ochu, KO0Z, the congressman wrote, "I understand you support this legislation. I was elected to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives; therefore, be assured I will keep your opinion in mind if this issue ever goes before the full House of Representatives for a vote."

This is the same response that Ron, KO0Z received last summer. Obviously, our representative is not convinced that he needs to co-sponsor HR 1301? Why? Simply put, the congressman is not convinced that the issue of zoning re-strictions being placed on Amateur Radio operators is a major concern to many of his constituents.

In order for the congressman to made aware of the importance of this issue, it is up to EACH and EVERY ONE of US to contact him.

Later this month, Ron, KO0Z will present the MCARC and OVARC HR 1301 Resolutions to the congressmanís legislative aide, but Rep. Davis still needs to hear from you. Only when a large number of constituents contact their representative, will a congressman take notice.

So what is a constituent? A constituent is YOU and ME. The ground work is set, now it is up to us to make our opinion be known to our representative. The first step is to take a few moments of your time to let Rep. Davis know that you support this bill. DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOUR VOICE WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Every voice counts!

The ARRL has all the information that you need at:

The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 (HR 1301) does not strip power away from home owners associations. If HR1301 does become law, it will ensure that every ham in the US, regardless of the com-munity they live in, will have the opportunity to practice their avocation from their own homes without breaking any rules or fear of reprisal.

Furthermore, HR 1301,The Amateur Radio Parity Act, would not give Amateurs "carte blanche" to do whatever they wished. It would require HOAs and other private land use regulations to extend reasonable accommodation to Amateurs wishing to erect antennas.

The FCC has a three part test for "Resonable Accommodation" that can be applied by a political subdivision such as a homeowners association. This test will ensure that an equitable agreement can be reached between the Amateur Radio operator and the HOA allowing the ham operator to put up antennas. This makes good sense in a number of areas, with providing emergency communications being the most important one of all.

Are you convinced that you need to contact Representative Davis, but writing is not high on your list?

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